Vacuum Excavation Underground Services Location - SiGeo Concrete
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Vacuum Excavation Underground Services Location

You can work safely and eliminate risk of financial loss, penalties and repair costs for damaged underground services for all your horizontal drilling, cabling, piping and civil projects.


We offer electronic (GPR) locating, vacuum-aided potholing and excavation of underground services in accordance to AS5488-2013 Subsurface Engineering (classes A and B) standards, for all scales of Civil and infrastructural projects in manner that optimizes risk management and competitive production-rates.


Profit, Safety and Risk Management


  • Personnel and equipment safety


  • Minimize risks, injuries and safety related incidents


  • Avoid service interruption, penalties and repair costs of damaged services


  • Reduce down-time


  • Work by excavation legislation


In conformity with AS5488-2013 Subsurface Engineering Standard, we conduct Dail-before-You-Dig (DBYD), accurately all locate all services using Ground penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electromagnetic induction (EMI) techniques, pothole or vacuum excavate, sleeve and label as per specifications of:


  • Class-A survey where the Utility is (sighted, located, potholed, physically sighted and measured)


  • Class-B (traced, laterally, with depth detail, between two known points,

Surveying and Mapping Services

If required, we can also compile “as-installed “maps of services by conducting RTK survey pick-ups and creating customised GIS-databases for inclusion on cadastre maps or property plans, which updates and improves future risk management and fault trouble-shooting.

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