Reinforcement Corrosion Assessment - SiGeo Concrete
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Reinforcement corrosion rapidly weakens a structure, exponentially reducing its strength and load-bearing capacity. Its virtually irreversible.

Timely and accurate diagnosis of the problem is vital in containing /controlling the degeneration. High resolution mapping of corrosion enables clear understanding of source, extent and progression of corrosion as key parameters for effective remediation planning.


Corrosion Mapping 


  • Map corrosion source, distribution pattern and extent


  • Pattern of corrosion progression


  • Design effective remediation strategy


  • Assess Structural durability, depreciation and life span


  • Forensic investigation (post-damage evaluation)

XCell™ | Half-Cell Corrosion Mapping

Testing procedure, data acquisition, data analysis and reporting conforms to ASTM C876 industry standard Half-Cell Potentials of Uncoated Reinforcing Steel in Concrete.


The theory of the method relies on taking numerous micro-resistivity measurements across the surface using the Giatec XCell™ smart tablet-based NDT probe.


As per the instruction manual, the micro-resistivity measurements are processed and gridded into half-cell contoured outputs used to map, analyse potential anomalies or locations with high probability of corrosion. Classification of corrosion severity may be further done by comparison with pre-established ranges and charts.

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