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Using the latest 2d/3d high-resolution GSSI Ground penetrating radar GPR we provide accurate and detailed concrete scanning services for damage-prevention risk management, dial before you dig, structural definition and renovation.


With the high-resolution imaging we don’t miss any cable, pipe, PVC conduit, sewer drainage, post tension cables PT or anything metallic or non-metallic material in a concrete wall, concrete column, footings or in concrete slab scanning.


We offer the most competitive rates for all your concrete slab scanning needs and understand the urgency, the reason we offer instant scan reports on-site. For all your concrete slab scanning needs, we are the experts you can trust.

Detailed Concrete Scanning Services


Whether it’s damage-prevention scanning or locating of buried services or detailed concrete structural scanning, we utilise the latest imaging technologies such as Gssi Ground penetrating Radar, GPR, Mala and Ultrasonic tomography for high-resolution 2D/3D locating of structural defects, honey combing, delamination, reinforcement and cover parameters in of columns, piles and slabs. For all your concrete scanning needs, call us or email us.


Safety and Structural Audits


  • Locate concrete installed services (power, gas, water, data)
  • Post-tension cable avoidance
  • Slab thickness and Cover parameters
  • Reinforcement geometry and spacing
  • Pre-coring scanning and slab sampling


GPR systems work by sending a tiny pulse of energy into a material via an antenna. An integrated computer records the strength and time required for the return of any reflected signals. Subsurface variations will create reflections that are picked up by the system and stored on digital media. These reflections are produced by a variety of material such as geological structure differences and man-made objects like pipes and wire. (from GSSI).

Data Processing

Zero Shift Correction

Data Editing & Gain Adjustment

Diaelectric Adjustment

Hyperbola Matching

Filtering & Deconvolution


We provide survey design and data processing support for simple to complex Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Ultrasonic tomography concrete and non-concrete structural assessments including report writing and peer-review interpretations to industry standards.

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