SiGeo Concrete
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Crosshole sonic logging on site
Structural Assessment
Concrete Scanning

We offer high-resolution 2D/3D imaging of concrete structures (Slabs, beams, columns, walls etc.)

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Concrete Scanning
Risk Management

Work safely, avoid incidents, injuries and fatalities. Avoid unexpected penalty in damaged services and repair costs. Avoid service interruption

reinforcement corrosion mapping
structural condition assessment

Foundation Auditing

  • Crosshole Sonic Logging
  • Crosshole Tomography
  • Sonic Echo
  • Parallel Seismic
  • Ground Penetrating Radar


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Engineering Geophysics
Latest Technologies

Our team of experts are trained in the latest methods and technologies. To ensure our projects are done to the highest levels of professionalism

concrete scanning
pile testing
Underground Services Location
Satisfied Customers

Get a better picture. Minimize Risk. Accurately characterize of defect, depth and lateral location. Detect uncured or weak concrete. Lithology and velocities of medium

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