Structural Condition assessment - SiGeo Concrete
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Structural Condition assessment


Depending on the job specifications we provide comprehensive or specific structural condition assessment auditing, defect assessment for effective correction and remediation

We utilize multi-dimensional (2D) /3D high-resolution impulse radar (high-frequency GPR) and Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (UPV) tomography technology to image through concrete, masonry, and apply specialized high-precision depth-slicing image processing techniques to locate defects and QA/QC.


Reliable Structural Information and Minimize Risk

  • Defect Assessment
    • Honey-combing and porosity in concrete
    •  Delamination and internal cracks
    •  Voids
    •  Corrosion and deterioration of reinforcement
    •  Sagging in reinforcement
  • Structural Verification
    •  Accurately determine: depth-of-slab
    •  Thickness of cover (to top and bottom reinforcement)
    •  Reinforcement grid spacing
    •  Diameter and type of reinforcement


Depending on the specification, we conduct data acquisition and processing in accordance to ASTM D6087 and ASTM D6432 standard procedures, for evaluating asphalt, concrete bridge structures. Data can be collected in either 2D profiles or 3D grids and processed systematically to a high-resolution image, for further engineering analysis.

Zero Shift Correction

Data Editing & Gain Adjustment

Diaelectric Adjustment

Hyperbola Matching

Filtering & Deconvolution


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