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Parallel Seismic

Parallel Seismic (PS) is a borehole test method developed for the determination of unknown depth of foundation elements. It can also detect major anomalies within a foundation as well as provide the surrounding soil velocity profile information

The depth of the foundation is determined by plotting the first arrival times as a function of depth and observing the depth where a change of slope occurs.

Alternatively, the foundation depth can be determined by observing the depth where the signal amplitude of the first arrival energy is appreciably reduced.


Simplified Geophysical Interpretation


Results are presented in a simplified format relevant to engineering purpose. Outputs may include:

  • Depth of Foundation
  • Lithology and Velocities of Medium
  • Location of Defect along the Foundation


Lithological Logging (ASTM D 2487 standard)


For all drilling projects, we provide professionally compiled lithological profile logs to Unified Soil Classification System ASTM D 2487 standard

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