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Looking for accurate ground penetrating radar services?


We specialise in ground penetrating radar (GPR) scanning methods for a range of applications from damage-prevention of underground services, locating of pipes and cables to high-frequency GPR concrete scanning. For all your GPR scanning needs, we are the professionals you can trust!

Why GPR Scanning?


GPR Scanning is worth it. Ensures safe incident-free working and minimises the risks and costs of damages to embedded services like pipes, cables, PVC conduits, drainage lines sewers in both earth and concrete slabs.


Why Choose us for Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Services?


  • Our GPR scan reports are detailed enough
  • Instantly prepared on-site so no delays
  • Our reports meet the requirements to process penetration permits for Knight Frank and CBRE sites
  • We offer surveys for near-surface (0-15m) investigations, typical of Civil and Environmental investigation tasks including Sinkholes and subsidence and highlighting geochemical anomalies related to contamination, spillage and leakages in pipes.
  • Whether the project location is in a highly developed congested metropolitan setting or a new land-opening green area, we have unlimited choice of multi-frequency shielded GSSI, MALAGPR antennas to pull-off clean repeatable data against challenges of EM-coupling and noise.
  • Depending on the job specifications, we can acquire GPR scanning data in 2D profiles lines or collated 3D grid and process it accordingly so that it can be presented as profile sections or volumetric deliverables, enabling multi-dimensional extract of information (vertical slice, depth-slice, side-view rotations)

Benefits of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning:

Underground services detection

  • Reduce risk of damaging buried underground services


Saprolite Analysis

  • Analysis of Shallow stratigraphy
  • Detecting shallow stratigraphical anomalies including excavations


Sinkhole and Subsidence detection

  • Sinkholes, Subsidence and down-warping of layers


Leakages in Concrete bunds

  • Detect cracks as point of leakages of chemicals and map extent.


Detecting geochemical anomalies and mapping extent.

  • Typical of contaminated soils mapping and contaminant plume monitoring

How do we carry out GRP Scanning?

  • In accordance to ASTM D6432 – 99: Standard Guide for Using the Surface Ground Penetrating Radar Method, we utilise a range of antenna (frequency 15MHz to 800MHz) for Subsurface Investigation, data is acquired and processed in either 2D/ 3D formats.
  • The AS 5488-2013 Standard is used for risk management underground services locating procedure, marking and reporting.
  • Data Processing and Interpretation
  • Data processing and interpretation is done using industry-standard software(s) namely (REFLEXW™, RADAN  7 and presented to industry standards.
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